An interactive map of Nebraska and its neighboring states.
Nuclear Targets, Civil Defense officials guessed where Soviets would target their missiles. Those cities and their surrounding areas were Sydney, Grand Island and Hastings, Lincoln, Sioux City, Omaha and [SACK].
Blast damage, officials estimated how much damage would be done. A 25-megaton bomb would destroy almost everything within a ten mile radius, Damage would continue out to thirty miles away.
Fallout, radioactive materials would fall out of the atmosphere up to 250 miles away. Within 90 miles, people would die within two weeks.
Evacuation routes, Civil Defense officials planned to have people drive out of the target areas in a mass evacuation. The success of the evacuation would depend on how much warning people had and how much congestion there was.
Hospitals and cemeteries, Officials designated where hospitals would be located or relocated to take care of the wounded, and where new cemeteries would be built to bury the dead.